How we grow our Christmas Tree Seedlings and Transplants

Good Christmas Trees come from good seed. Good seed comes from cultivated and improved seed orchards. We have selected the best trees from our first rotation of Balsam Fir mountain strain, cooks strain, and Balsam X Fraser hybrids to produce superior seed. We pick this seed in fall when it is ripe. We dry and store the seed until the spring planting season.

View of bill asack moving lift to pick balsam x fraser hybrid seed Looking up at bill asack picking balsam x fraser fir hybrid seed

Bill Asack picking Cooks Balsam Fir seed Far view of Bill Asack picking cooks balsam fir seed

In the spring after we do germination tests, we sow the seeds at rate to get a density that produces good quality seedlings. All of our seed is sowed on specially constructed raised beds. Beds are shaded for first year, which gets them off to a good start. The seedlings are grown on for 2 years becoming 2-0 seedlings.

Long seedling  bed with sections of Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Canaan  Fir and Balsam x Fraser Hybrids 1-0 Balsam Fir: Mountian Strain

Seed beds in summer. Beds with sections of Balsam Fir,  Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir and Balsam x Fraser Hybrids 2-0 Canaan Fir seedlings.

In Fall of the second year we lift the 2-0 seedlings. We grade out the best seedlings and replant them into transplant beds. After planting we mulch all of our transplant beds in late fall, to help them root in better. They grow on in the transplant beds for 2 more years becoming 2-2 transplants.

freshly planted and mulched 2-0 seedlings 2-2 Transplants.  Transplant beds of of Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Fraser Fir, Balsam x Fraser Hybrids

2-2 Transplant beds. Transplant Beds of Balsam fir, Fraser fir, Canaan Fir and Balsam x Fraser Hybrids 2-2 Transplant Closeups

Once the 2-2 tranplants have completed growing we lift and grade out our best transplants for our customers to field plant for christmas trees.

Bill Asack driving fobro 2000 bedlifter Worker loading balsam fir transplants into stock tanks Worker tucking roots into stock tank full of water Workers picking up freshly lifted balsam fir transplants Workers with full armloads of 2-2 balsam fir transplants Workers carrying 2-2 transplants to trailer Spring lifting crew in action Full trailer load of 2-2 balsam fir tranplants Worker preparing a burito roll of 2-2 balsam fir tranplants Damp sawdust added on top of the roots of balsam fir transplants  to keep them damp until planting Burito roll of balsam fir tranplants ready to be rolled Worker starts rolling balsam fir tranplants Balsam fir transplants being rolled with wet burlap and sawdust Finished roll of balsam fir transplants ready to be tied Roll of balsam fir transplant tied off Roll of balsam fir transplants ready to go into cooler for shipment

If you would like more information about how we grow our christmas tree seedlings and transplants call Bill at (802) 754-6934.

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