Photo History of our Farm

Below is are pictures of our christmas trees farm. Click the pictures to download a larger higher resolution version.


Plainfield, VT 1980 to 1987

Andy Asack checks out the competition's trees at NH-VT CTA meeting Bennington VT. Bill Asack (on left) at the Nh-Vt CTA meeting in Canaan Vt Bill Asack and Andy Asack at NH-VT CTA meeting in Bennington Vt Bill Asack (on Left ) at Nh-Vt CTA meeting in Canaan Vt. Our first Balsam fir Transplants started with wildlings pulled from wood lots Andy Asack  making fied notes on weed control experiment Balsam Fit transplants planted by hand at our first tree farm Our fist field planting using Balsam Fir transplants Andy Asack taking a break  from pulling Balsam Fir seedlings Andy Asack performs routine maintenance on three wheeler

Barton VT, 1987 to Present

 Andrew Asack in executive condo First Hand Planted Transplant beds in Barton VT. Andy Asack Standing next to premium Balsam Fir: mountain strain Early cold frame seed beds Cold frame seed beds with 3-0 Balsam fir Seedlings inside Closeup of Balsam Fir seedlings 3-2 Balsam x Fraser Hybrids Transplants New garage and workshop Roof top view of farm  fully planted in 1994 Roof top view of Balsam fir blocks Roof top view of Balsam fir overlooking Barton village in the distance First blocks planted with Balsam Fir, mountain strain, ready to harvest Asack and Son Christmas Tree farm panorama 1 Asack and Son Panorama 2 Asack and Son Panaroma 3 Premium Balsam x Fraser Hybrids marked with blue ribbons Freshly basal pruned block of Balsam Fir on right Balsam Fir Premium Christmas trees marked with blue tags Block of Balsam Fir Mountain strain on right     Golden Retriever hunting for the perfect tree Balsam fir mountain in background. In foreground Left to right (Andy Asack, Bill Asack, Kathleen Modine) Asack & Son Home orchard in bloom Andy Asack in home apple orchard during bloom Bill Asack in home orchard during bloom. Asack & Son home orchard at harvest time  Bill Asack contenplates finances after new truck purchase. Daffodils in bloom beside driveway. Second planting of Balsam Fir on right side Balsam Fir mountian strain on left. First Generation Hybrids on right. Block of Balsam x Fraser hybrids 6 years in the field.

Asack & Son Nursery

 Andrew Asack Contemplating rock removal on Vermont upland soils Rocks Removed for transplant nusery Rocks removed for seedling nurshery Freshly planted mixed beds of Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Balsam x Fraser hybrids and Canaan Fir Transplant beds mulched in late fall to protect seedlings Land for future seedling and transplant beds Transplants beds  planted with blocks of Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Fraser Fir and Balsam x Fraser hybrids Roof top view seed beds Asack & Son two row mechanical transplanter Fobro 2000 transplant bed lifter Picture of 1-0 Balsam Fir cooks strain seedlings Bed of 2-0 Balsam Fir cooks strain    A Closelup of 2-0 Balsam Fir seedling.after being mulched Three row bed of Balsam Fir transplants one year after pl;anting. 2-2 Fraser Fir transplants ready to be lifted 3-0 Balsam Fir mountain strain Closeup of 3-0 Balsam Fir seedlings mountain strain Ariel View of Asack & Son Christmas Tree in 2005 3-0 Fraser Fir seedlings

Fall 2007 VT-NH Christmas Tree Growers Meeting

Asack & Son tree farm equipment display Bill Asack just before meeting Vendors setting up before NH-VT Fall 2007 Christmas tree growers  meeting Tables chairs and tent  the day before the meeting Meeting site before tree growers arrive. Parking Lot full and the meeting is underway Growers meeting under way Growers about to break for lunch Sign post in newly planted transplant beds  indicating age and variety of seedlings

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